Digital COVID-19 Rapid Tests

with integrated quality control

Senova GreenLight Digital COVID-19 Rapid Test

Press Release

17. March 2021

Grünes Licht für die Zukunft der Vor-Ort Diagnostik. Senova und der Sensor-Hersteller ams haben einen digitalen Covid-19-Schnelltest entwickelt und eröffnen die erste vollautomatisierte Produktionsstrecke für digitale Schnelltests in Weimar, Thüringen.

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Senova GreenLight

Reliable decisions in complex situations

Senova GreenLight was specifically designed for use in complex structures such as institutions and working groups.

The key advantage is that any number of samples can be submitted in parallel in different test centers on Senova GreenLight Disposables (oder Devices). Sampling takes less than thirty seconds per patient. Each test then runs autonomously and reports the findings locally and to closed working groups.

Senova GreenLight

Reliable decisions in complex situations

Digital processes

  • consistent quality by digital verification
  • parallel testing in interconnected digital networks
  • closed working groups for institutions
  • joint evaluation for central reporting
  • results available regardless of test location

Integrated quality control

  • built-in electronic quality control
  • minimization of handling errors
  • intuitive workflow
  • secure data encryption

Walk-away testing

  • internal timer starts automatically after sample application
  • no user presence required
  • serial testing option
  • high patient throughput
  • automated reports

Reliable decisions

  • results linked to the anamnesis
  • results available in real time to working groups
  • all data transfers secured by high-level AES-256 encryption
  • evaluation of results can be used e.g. to adapt hygiene concepts

Very simple handling

We really mean rapid testing

Senova GreenLight aktivieren

Activate Senova GreenLight

Start the Senova GreenLight app. Scan the QR code on the test device. Insert the battery. The test device flashes green and waits for the sample.

Probe auftragen

Applying the sample

Apply the sample to the test device. The device will take over and do the rest. The operator can take care of the next patient.

Walk away

Walk  away

Thirty seconds hands-on time. The results will be reported in lab quality within a few minutes onto the smartphone or real time to closed work groups.

Insight inside

What happens in the background?

  1. Senova GreenLight organizes the assignment.

    All tests connect to the GreenLight App via Bluetooth®. The App receives qualitative and quantitative data from the digital test devices.

  2. Senova GreenLight checks the quality of the test.

    The multispectral sensor measures the white value of the lateral flow membrane and transmits it to the app in encrypted form together with the GUID of the test.

  3. Senova GreenLight checks the test validity.

    The cloud compares the white value with the one on the day of production, checks the expiry date and the region and approves the test (or generates a qualifying error message).

  4. Senova GreenLight takes care of timing.

    The app records the time of the sample application and starts the dynamic measurement at the right moment.

  5. Senova GreenLight analyzes the test strip.

    A multispectral sensor in the digital test device scans the test line on the lateral flow membrane.

  6. Senova GreenLight checks the quality of the sample.

    The spectral value of the applied sample is checked. False samples are recognized and sorted out with an error message.

  7. Senova GreenLight takes over the communication.

    After the measurement, the App transmits the data package together with the geo data in encrypted form to the Senova cloud. If there is no data connection, alldata is buffered to be transfered later. The result of the measurement is displayed in the app together with the anamnesis data entered by the operator.

  8. Senova GreenLight working groups

    Institutional users can set up closed working groups with any number of participants. All tests carried out by members of a working group are accessible in real time by the supervisor.

  9. Senova GreenLight guarantees data security.

    All data is encrypted with 256-bit AES encryption (high-level security) and relayed by the App to the cloud. Data encryption also applies to data transmission to the supervisor.

  10. Safe decisions in complex situations.

    Senova GreenLight was specifically designed for use in complex structures such as institutions and working groups. The decisive advantage is that any number of samples can be submitted in parallel in different test centers on Senova GreenLight Disposables. This takes less than thirty seconds hands-on time per sample. After that, each test runs autonomously and reports the findings both locally and to supervisors of closed working groups.

The first applications of the digital lateral flow test

The test recognizes human IgG Antibodies directed against the N-protein of the virus.
As such, it is effective for spike protein mutations of the virus and is not influenced by mRNA vaccines.

With its digital platform (digital test device, app and cloud), Senova GreenLight
enables 5 to 15 tests simultaneously per smartphone and an unlimited number of smartphones in a closed working group. The integrated digital evaluation of the tests allows for lab quality results within just a few minutes.

Senova GreenLight can collect and add test-specific clinical data in a questionnaire. Possible data formats are: IDs as free text or barcodes, age information, selections, yes | no answer boxes, dates, texts. The data is saved in the cloud and irrevocably assigned to the test result.

Senova GreenLight can add the relevant geo data to all tests at the time of the measurement.

Innovative Technologie

Senova GreenLight im Vergleich zu herkömmlichen Tests

Um die Relevanz der Ergebnisse besser beurteilen zu können, ist es stets wichtig zu wissen, wer hat von wem welchen Test wann und wo gemacht und welche Konsequenz ergibt sich daraus.

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